1. Account Creation

What you need to create an account
  1. You will be asked to create an account when you try to list or borrow an item. You need an account to start transacting on the platform.
  2. To create an account, you need to provide your first name, last name, email id, phone number and address.
How to verify your account
  1. You will get an email with verification link. You need to click on the link to activate your account.

2. List items

Add items to the platform following a few simple steps:

Details you need to list an item
  • Before listing an item, please make sure that you have the following details about the item
  • Item name
  • Description
  • Photos of the item in your mobile or use your camera
  • Address where the item is located (if this is different from the address in your profile)
  • Your availability (use time slot to let borrowers know about your availability)
  • The daily rent amount you want to charge for the item
Allowed categories and items you can share
  • Furniture
  • Vehicles
  • Wedding supplies
  • Outdoor equipment
  • Books
  • Sports goods
  • Repair tools
  • Small machinery
  • Home appliances
Create the listing

Click on the share button in the bottom navigation menu to start listing an item. Please fill in item details described in the previous section. Once done, you can see your item in ‘my items’ section of your profile. Search for your item from the search field to make sure that your item is available on the platform. If there is a problem with the listing or you cannot see your item in your ‘my items’ or in search results, please contact the administrator.

Fake listings or listings with inappropriate and insufficient details will be removed immediately.

Using middlemen

If you have an expensive item to list and want us to personally handle the transaction on your behalf, you can select this option during listing the item. If there is no middle man available in your area, you have to take care of your entire transaction.

Middleman takes some commission to handle the item. If you don’t want to use a middleman, you have to handle the transaction yourself.


We have 4 time slots during which a borrower may contact you at the item location given by you. You have to select one time slot and make yourself available till you handed the item over to the borrower.

Delivering the item

We will display your item location on the map and give route directions to the borrower. On mutually agreed timeslot and date (you and borrower), the borrower will come to the item location to collect the item. Both of you need to check and agree with the item condition, payment terms and exchange the item.

Get paid

Borrower pays the money (the rental amount and deposit if any) to the platform which we will keep with us till the transaction is completed. Once the item is returned and all disputes (if any) are resolved, we will pay you after deducting our platform fee.

Connect with borrower

Borrower will contact you for collecting the item using the map directions given by us. It is advised not to make any direct deals with the borrower. You can communicate with your borrower regarding item condition or negotiate rate or extending borrowing period, but always deal through the platform only. Else we will not be responsible for any damage to your item.

Managing the item availability

You have to make all deals through the platform and tell us whenever the item is delivered and returned, so that we can keep track of item’s availability show the item to our users when it is available and allow them to make bookings.

Condition of the item

You and the borrower need to confirm that the condition of the item is satisfactory for both of parties, during the delivery and return of the item. Platform is not responsible for item’s damage or malfunction after the transaction. You and borrower need to resolve such issues between yourselves. However, a borrower or lender can raise a dispute with us with sufficient evidence.

3. Search Items

Search for items in your neighborhood using zip code, item name or category. Using the search box at the top of the screen, you can search for items within your neighborhood.

5. Borrow Items

  • Before borrowing an item:please check all details of an item and make sure that it fulfils your requirement. You can also look for ratings and reviews of the item.

  • Borrowing item:borrowing an item is simple, just enter dates for which you need the item, select the time slot during which you want to meet the owner to collect the item and confirm your booking.

  • Paying for the item:If it’s a paid item, you can pay the amount in the app itself. If it’s a free item, you will get instructions on how to contact the owner.

  • Getting delivery of the item:Once you paid for the item, a map will show you the route to item’s location. The map will open just before your chosen time slot and will guide you to item’s location in real time.

  • Understanding TimeSlots:A time slot is a time period during which the owner will be available to handover the item to the renter. The app has 4 time slots, 9 am -12 pm, 12 pm – 3 pm, 3pm – 6 pm, 6pm – 9 pm. You (borrower) will see only those time slots during which the owner is available. You have to select one time slot and meet the owner to collect the item you borrowed.

  • Connect with owner:A map will guide you to the items location. Your device will be paired with the owner’s device and then you can collect the item. Both you (borrower) and owner needs to confirm that item is exchanged.

  • Extending the borrowing period:You can extend the renting period from within the app, but you have to pay the full rental amount for the extended period in advance.

  • Returning the item: You need to meet the owner and return the item before your renting period ends.

  • Condition of the item:The owner has to confirm that he received the item in good condition. Its your responsibility to use the item carefully and return it to the owner in its original condition.

6. Transactions

keep track of your items and money transactions:

  • Viewing transactions:In your profile, you can see all items that you borrowed or lent. You can see the status of each item and details of transaction for each item.

  • Understanding transactions:The item displays different status message during different stages of transaction.

  • Reserved: when an item is reserved for a particular day by the borrower

    Delivered: Item delivered to the renter by the owner or an agent

    Returned: Item is returned to the owner by the borrower

    Available: Item is available for a particular date if its not booked by anyone

  • Raising a dispute: Either the owner or the renter can raise a dispute if there is a disagreement about the transaction. Please read more about disputes in the following section.

  • Settling the transaction: After the transaction is successfully completed to the satisfaction of all parties involved (owner, renter, agent, platform), then the final settlement of the amount is initiated.

7. Profile

Manage your profile:

Users can go to their profile section from the left menu or by clicking on the profile icon in the bottom navigation bar. It is important to keep your profile updated with all required information to enable smooth transactions, refunds and settlements.


8. Disputes

dispute resolution mechanism:

  • Dispute scenarios:
  • The following are the most common dispute scenarios

    1. Item doesn’t match the description given in the app. Owner failed to give accurate information about the item.
    2. Item didn’t work as expected after it is delivered to the renter
    3. Item is damaged during the borrowing period.
    4. Item is returned in a damaged condition to the owner.
    5. Renter didn’t return the item at the end of borrowing period.
    6. Renter is not traceable after borrowing the item.
  • Lender responsibility:
    1. (a) Owner has to give accurate information about the item and certify that it is in working condition.
    2. (b) Owner has to make sure that item is returned in original condition in which it is delivered
    3. (c) Owner has to be contact with the renter and remind about item’s return date.
    4. (d) Owner is responsible to collect his item back from renter after the rental period is over.
  • Borrower responsibility:
    1. (a) Renter has to make sure that he received the item in good working condition and return it in the same condition.
    2. (b) Renter is responsible for any damage done to the item or the damage done by the item.
    3. (c) If the renter doesn’t know how to operate the item, he can take the help from the owner or a professional, instead of trying it himself.
    4. (d) Renter needs to respond to the owner whenever the owner contacts him.
    5. (e) Renter needs to comply with all platform requirements before transacting on the platform.
  • Platform responsibility:
    1. (a) Platform (the mobile app) is not responsible for any damage done to the item or damage done by the item. The owner and renter need to resolve the issue between them.
    2. (b) Platform only mediates between the borrower and lender, in case of a dispute, trying to resolve the issue amicably. The platform doesn’t have any legal authority to settle disputes between borrower and lender.
    3. (c) The platform may withhold the money till disputes are resolved.
    4. (d) The platform is not responsible for any misinformation given by any user regarding self or their listed items.
    5. (e) The owner and renter need to satisfy themselves with the condition of the item both during the delivery and return.
    6. (f) Platform is not responsible if item is stolen or lost during any phase of the transaction. Its owner’s responsibility to make sure that the renter is trustworthy.
  • Report a problem:
  • You can report any problem with anything related to the platform or item or transaction using the contact form in the mobile app. In case of transaction, please mention the item name or transaction id.

  • Raise a dispute:
  • You can raise a dispute by calling us on: or emailing us at: or filling out form in the mobile app. Either the owner or renter can raise a dispute within 7 days from the last transaction between them. Any Dispute rose after 7 days after the last transaction will not be entertained.

  • Settling a dispute:
  • The admin will initiate a meeting to settle the issue amicably.

9. Settling transactions

Final settlement of all your transactions:

  • Calculation of amounts:
  • At the end of a transaction, amounts owed to the owner and refunds (if any) owed to the renter are calculated after 7 days the transaction is completed without any disputes. Both the owner and borrower have 7 days to raise a dispute.

  • Settling final amounts:
  • If there are no disputes, amounts will be released wherever due to respective parties after 14 days since the item is returned or dispute is settled, whichever is later.

10. Support

get help from platform administrators:

  • Through email
  • Through whatsapp group