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Find items for rent in your neighborhood. Share your unused and spare items

Why Use Share Items?

If you need a tool or device for short term use, instead of having to buy the item, Share Items app will let you find a lender who is willing to rent out the item to you for few days. It saves money to the borrower and earns some money for the lender.

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How Does It Help?

Share Items mobile app lets borowers to discover item owners within their neighborhood and lets them to find the best deal available.

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App's Features

Splash your dream color Bring your home to lively Colors. We make it a priotity to offer flexible services to accomodate your needs

Never Buy an Item

You dont have to buy an item that you rarely use. Our app will find you someone who can rent out that item you nee.

Fast and Cheap

Our app will connect the borrowers and lenders within the same neighborhood and negotiate offer the best deal for borrowers.

Genuine Listings

We make sure taht all item listings are verified and genuine. All items are in good condition for use.

Lenders Make Money

Lenders can make money from their uniused or rarely used tools and devices.

Safe and Secure Transactions

We have safe and transparent process for item exchange and payments. Lenders can also use our agents to deal with their precious items.

Customer Support

We have a great support system in place to help you with all your queries and transactions.

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Why Buy When You Can Borrow It?

Manytimes, you need a tool or device for a short-term use. But buying it for a one-time use doesnt make sense. Maybe someone in your neighborhood already has that tool and is willing to rent the item to you for a few days. Its a win-win situation for both. The person in need of the item can simply borrow and use the item for a few days and save money. The person who is lending can make some money by renting out an item that he is not using. Share Items app make the process easy for both lenders and buyers.

Register Yourself

Download the app from playstore or appstore (links given below) and register yourself. Its fast and easy, takes only a few minutes.

Search Tools

Search for tools you need within your neighborhood and nearby places. There are hundreds of listings for every major city in India.

Reserve The Tool

Once you found the item you are looking for, book the item for the period you need it. You only pay for days you use it.

Order and Collect

Place the order and get instructions to contact the lender and collect the tool. Pay only after you received the item.


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Register and start using the app immediately. We keep track of all items being exchanged via the application and make sure that all transactions are successful and brings value to both borrowers and lenders.

Download Share Items

Download the app from links below and start sharing / borrowing toold within your neighborhood. Start helping each other in your community.

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